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3 Signs You're Not a Confident Man
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Are you sick and tired of...

...doubting, second-guessing and questioning your every move?

...feeling like you're meant for something bigger, but just don't what it is or how to find it?

...feeling sapped of your vital life energy and motivation by all the distractions of every-day life?

...feeling like you can't find your purpose?

...having no clue how to reach your goals or what your goals should even be?

...procrastinating for weeks, months, or even years on your biggest goals and dreams?

...getting stuck in the "friend zone" with women?

...lacking the confidence, charisma, and magnetism to attract people to you?

...failing instead of succeeding?

I Used To Be There...

I feel your pain. That used to be me.

Just 5 years ago I was overweight, unhappy, heart-broken, and desperate to find a way out of the downward spiraling hell I was stuck in.

It wasn't pretty.

I lost my girlfriend.

I had no job.

I could barely get up in the morning.

I felt stuck and I didn't know how to get out.

Here's What Changed Everything For Me...

I thought about it. I had a choice.

I could end it all or I could try to make myself better and change my situation.

I started to think about overcoming all the procrastination, fear, anxiety, and stress.

I reflected for months. I started to read.

I tried everything.

I thought if I could find one idea to help myself and feel better, even for 5 minutes, then I could turn my life around.

Months turned into years. I just kept studying and learning.

I dove deep into philosophy and started taking action steps every day.

My confidence started to build. The momentum was palatable.

People started to notice. They started asking for help.

I dreamed about building the perfect life for myself. Friends, women, money, my own business, traveling the world, and empowering other men to do the same.

Friends. Money. Women. Success.

All these became possible. In fact, they were a given.

I made a lot of discoveries.

Here's The Biggest Discovery I Made...

I discovered that the better I became at facing resistance and defeating procrastination the more good things showed up in my life.

I started spending more time than ever working on myself and all these things...

positivity, resources, friends...

women, the right people, the best opportunities...

money, and pure adventure...

They all beat a path to my doorstep.

It was like a fire hose I couldn't turn off.

Here's Proof...

Climbing mountains and pushing myself to new levels...literally.

Getting engaged to the woman of my dreams. She is an enlightened
conservationist who supports my purpose and brings me joy every day.

Traveling the world and exploring places I never thought
I'd see. I've learned so much from different cultures.

I've had hundreds of requests to share this information with other men. So I put it together into a transformational program for men - The True Man Academy...

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I put together everything I learned into 12 modules (broken down into 4 distinct phases) for you...

You'll get instant digital access to this online video course with 24/7 access. You'll also get access to the private Facebook group, and the monthly group calls in just minutes...

Here are 4 phases I guide you through...

included in your

True Man Academy Membership...

You get my complete 4 Phases Of True Man Success blueprint. These are the phases that make up the True Man, and I show you how to master each one with simple techniques.


Module 1: Discover where you're losing energy on a daily basis and reclaim your power and control. Finally live a life of ease, "flow", and success, by removing insidious societal programming.

Module 2: Develop an irresistible "masculine edge", with an in-depth understanding of masculine and feminine energies, inside and out.

Module 3: Become a true lover of women, and watch how they react as they sense this radiating from you.


Module 4: Find your life's purpose, discover your passions, and live with an ever-increasing positivity. Never feel indecisive, unsure, or like a pushover again.

Module 5: Powerfully attract your ideal mates, partners or friends, and learn a proven, scientific process for "breaking through".

Module 6: Learn how to follow the path of least resistance to your success, and make change easy!


Module 7: Master your time and ditch the stress of a "hurry up and go" lifestyle. Become unstoppable, with a masculine determination that people admire.

Module 8: Have an abundance of energy at all times by feeding your body and "inner-warrior" exactly what they desire.

Module 9: Live life as the "popular guy". Massively increase your social skills and comfort in any situation, with simple techniques.


Module 10: Experience total freedom to do exactly what you want, when you want to, without anxiety or fear.

Module 11: Become expert at leading and find out how to use these skills to improve all connections in your life from boardroom to bedroom.

Module 12: Create a heightened experience for you and your lovers with a deeper understanding of sex and intimacy.

Stop hesitating.

Do you want more guidance and purpose in life?

Do you find yourself procrastinating, avoiding, or getting in your own way?

Will more confidence improve your life?

Then you need True Man Academy. Start accelerating your life for just $1.

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Over $8,000 Of Content
Now Just $1 For A One Week Trial Then After 7 Days One Payment Of $495 For Lifetime Access

Hi, I'm Hammond Tyrrell...

"This program is unlike anything you have ever experienced and will change your life. I'm incredibly excited to guide you step-by-step through unleashing your inner confidence and truly limitless potential."

- Hammond Tyrrell, CEO of True Man Acedamy

Hear What Recent Graduates Of True Man Academy Have To Say...

"I've gone from someone who was so shy that eye contact was an issue to someone who is flooded with confidence and happiness."

- Chris Balen

"This program has pushed me to rapidly release everything that dos not serve and to relax into who I truly am, eternal bliss. I would DEFINITELY recommend this to a friend :)"

- William Tajingwa

"This program to me is truly priceless, I've unlocked potential I didn't even know existed and probably saved 10 years or more of frustration and confusion. I'm so glad to be part of this experience and I'd recommend anyone not to hesitate joining, it is truly mind blowing stuff!"

- Cameron Scott

"So far the TMA experience has taken me way deeper than I ever expected. I am finding answers to questions I'd never thought I'd find...I have discovered my Life Calling and with this has come a general unshakeable sense of confidence and direction that seems to grow every day."

- Kaleb Kaighn

"I just have one thing to say, and that is that I am so happy and grateful that I decided and had the opportunity to join this program…It is the best thing I have ever done! :)"

- Nikolaj Osen

"So far the program has given me the tools that I feel I've been on a quest to find for years...A journey worth taking for every man out there!!!"

- Samu Laiho

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Learn exactly how to set and achieve goals the right way. Master the art of "manifestation", creating your reality as a matter of your desire, your will, and your intent. Get a proven structure to ensure you're always moving toward and achieving your goals.

Over $8,000 Of Content
Now Just $1 For A One Week Trial Then After 7 Days One Payment Of $495 For Lifetime Access

*Your card will automatically be charged $495 after 7 days.
To cancel your True Man Academy Membership email support@truemanacademy.com


No-Risk Guarantee #1: If at any time during the first 30 Days, The True Man Academy hasn't clearly made a difference in your life, or for any other reason at all, I guarantee a full and prompt refund for every cent you paid.

No-Risk Guarantee #2: If you decide to cancel at any time before the first 30 days, - even if it is on the 29th day - not only will you get all your money back, but I'm going to let you keep ALL the free gifts - just as a thank you for giving me a fair try (except for the free tickets to the live event, those are in high demand and we can only share them with dedicated True Men.)